Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mani Sunday: Floating French Mani #2

Is that day again… the day to pamper yourself and get wonderful nails for the new week that's about to start. This week I got inspired by one of Spring 2013's Beauty trends: the floating eyeliner in bright/pop colours. 

(from left to right) images courtesy of Socialbliss, Vogue UK, and Allure.

Instead of using again a nude nail polish as a base, I decided to use a matte mint colour that adorned with the shimmery cobalt blue line creates a pretty contrast. 

Watch the short and very easy video-tutorial and get yourself a chic and minimal, still striking mani!

* * *

If you want to share your manis, just email me the pics and I'll be happy to post them on the brand new ☺UrNails section! ;)


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Kathryn Pledger said...

Totally fab! Kx

MaJo·BV said...

Thank you Kathryn! ;)

Dawn Clarkson said...

Wonderful colours for the nails... and I do loooove that ring :)

MaJo BV said...

oh thank you Dawn! I got that ring at a market in Madrid last June… I love it too! :)

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